Secrets About Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt’s Marriage

Since the dawn of Hollywood, average, everyday people have been obsessed with the love lives of actors and actresses. They enjoy seeing these couples date, fall in love, flourish, wed, and have families. Sometimes, they even relish in these pairings failures. With paparazzi cameras following stars throughout their day to day lives, it’s almost impossible to avoid what they are up to at any point in time. One of the best examples of a movie star couple is Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Like any relationship, they had their ups and downs. They dealt with friends and family who weren’t thrilled about the pairing, had a beautiful wedding, and had to put up with years and years of people asking them if they were ever going to have children. Even though the duo didn’t last, they are often held in high regard as one of the premiere Hollywood couples of the last few decades. Had they been able to stay together, this year would have marked the 20th anniversary of their very first date. So, let’s take a look at the relationship of a couple that America and the world followed and fell in love with.

They Met On A Blind Date

When you have one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, it can be hard to meet that special somebody. You have to navigate the seas of stalkers and folks trying to ride your coattails. Also, if you’re an A-list movie or TV star, you’re generally onset for 12 hours a day. That doesn’t leave much time for a love life. Luckily for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, they had their managers looking out for them. In 1998, representatives for both stars decided to set the two up on a blind date. Neither Pitt nor Aniston ever admitted who requested the arrangement, but it worked. Their first date? A low-key night of hanging out at Pitt’s house. VHS and chill?

Aniston’s Friends Were Worried About Pitt

No, not Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and the monkey Marcel– we’re talking about Jennifer Aniston’s actual close, personal friends. Aniston’s buddies, having her best interest in mind, were pretty trepidations when news broke that the couple was dating. As Aniston said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “My friends were all supportive. Especially when they found out what a loving human being Brad is. At first, they’re like, ‘I hope he’s not an a**hole, some conceited f**k or whatever.’” Of course, they would eventually come around on the fact that Aniston and Pitt were an item and warmed up to the movie star. Although, with the way things turned out, maybe she should have listened to them in the first place.

Their Engagement Was Announced On Stage At A Sting Concert

Even though they had only been dating for a little over a year, Pitt knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Aniston (for the time being). With no social media accounts to alert their millions of adoring fans, the couple had to get creative to share their announcement. During a Sting concert in New York City, Pitt and Aniston took to the stage and sang along with the former Police bassist. Aniston then casually lifted her hand to show everyone in the crowd that the two were planning on getting married. That’s a little more impressive than a tweet. As you can tell from the picture, Aniston and Pitt were extremely proud to show off the hefty rock on her hand.

They Sued The Jewelers Who Made Their Engagement Ring

Along with their wedding bands, the engagement ring was created by Damiani International jewelers and designed by Pitt himself. He was under the impression that these would all be one of a kind, with him and Aniston having the only copies. This wouldn’t be the case, though. The company would go on to sell replicas, stating that they had the couple’s approval. They did not. According to the lawsuit, “Damiani embarked upon an outrageous, fraudulent scheme to manufacture copies of Aniston’s engagement ring and the couple’s wedding rings.” Pitt and Aniston sued the company, claiming that their names were used to sell jewelry without their permission. The dispute was settled for $50 million and Pitt and Aniston would go on to help Damiani create a line of products that they officially endorsed.

Their Extravagant Wedding

It shouldn’t be surprising that the two big-name actors had one heck of a wedding. The $1 million affair (poor choice of word) was truly a sight to be seen. On July 29, 2000, two hundred of their closest friends and family were invited to Malibu for an incredible evening that we’re sure they’ll never forget. They rented an estate that overlooked the Pacific Ocean, and their high-end florist placed over 50,000 flowers throughout the venue. For music, not only did a 40-member gospel choir entertain the guests, but Melissa Etheridge was there to perform. Making sure they went out with a bang, the evening was complete with a 13-minute fireworks display. Finally, to make sure they kept all of the riff-raff away, Pitt and Aniston spent $100,000 on security alone.

Aniston’s Mother Wasn’t Invited To Their Wedding

The guest list was a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars. Attendees consisted of fellow actors Courteney Cox, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Edward Norton, and Aniston’s father, Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston. One person who was conspicuously absent was Aniston’s mom, Nancy Dow. Dow had recently published a tell-all book titled From Mother to Daughter to Friend: A Memoir that detailed her relationship with Aniston. Aniston felt that her mother, a former model, had always been hypercritical of her and the novel took things one step too far. Aniston didn’t feel like inviting her mom was a good idea for what was supposed to be the best day of her life. The mother and daughter would eventually reconcile after Aniston and Pitt divorced and remained civil until Dow passed away in 2016.

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